Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I have been meaning to start blogging for a while but never made the time for it while working at MySQL / Sun. Now that I am at Monty Program AB I am making time to share my random thoughts about technology, especially web applications and MySQL / MariaDB.

I was at MySQL (then Sun) for 5 years, during that time my primary responsibility was providing tools for the excellent support team, primarily Eventum but also other internal items. My team also developed the MySQL Network portal (since rebranded to MySQL Enterprise. My co-workers were great and I liked what I did but after the Sun acquisition I saw things changing and based on the number of colleagues who left ahead of me I wasn't the only one.

In May of 2009 I left Sun and returned to startup culture, working with Monty at his new company Monty Program AB as Lead Web Developer. In such a small company there are a ton of different things to do and so far I have not been bored, always a new project to tackle and best of all I feel I make a difference.

I probably will not be a prolific blogger (I actually want to get real work done) but when I start rambling it will generally be on my work here at MPAB or web development in general.

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